Our focus

Recruitment is an art, not a numbers game. It’s a human-driven business that demands skills, technique, passion, personalization and a critical eye, not a formula. This is why we focus on quality over quantity and on the value our recruiters bring to the table at the end of the day. Our goals are focused on placements and our guidelines are focused on personalization.

Our services

We provide our clients with hiring solutions tailored
to their specific needs.

Contingency-Based Search

Existing in the cutting-edge world of technology, Art2Hire has a unique team approach. It results in our ability to quickly provide thoroughly screened candidates to support your current market position as well as your future growth strategy.

Recruiting On Demand

The tech world moves quickly and effective hiring plans must evolve in response. At Art2Hire, we offer a solution that gives you the opportunity to stay flexible, get great results and save money as your needs change.

IT Project Services

When your business is growing, we are happy to help you rapidly expand capabilities in order to meet your increased demands. Art2Hire IT Project Services group is well positioned to offer customized placements by drawing on our team of high-performance resources who work as an extension of your permanent team.

Recruiting support

We offer additional services such as relocation support, background checks, pre-interview screening and reference checking, all of which is aimed to avoid any possible hiring complexities.

Our Clients

Our beliefs

We are using cutting-edge technology and tactics that change how companies and job seekers come together. We’re obsessed with making this process as quick and effective as possible.
We build trust. A client can expect that we’ll have a strong understanding of their challenges. We provide talent solutions that make sense.
We believe the recruitment process can fundamentally impact both business success and a person’s life by connecting the right person with a job they love.
People-Centered, Always. We work with a unique combination of experiences, personalities, and backgrounds, not the resumes. We meet them over coffee instead of over email. We’re honest with them and we always provide feedback. We treat people as people.

Our Team

Tatiana Kopach
Recruitment Director
Marina Valeyeva
Client Service Director
Svetlana Galiley
Senior IT Recruiter/Client Manager
Evgeniya Polyanskaya
Deputy of Recruitment Director
Marina Sveshnikova
Recruiting Manager of Executive Search
Lyudmila Pankratova
Country Manager Russia
Natalia Movchan
IT Recruiter
Eleonora Shepel
Recruiting Manager of Executive Search